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printer MMM67010AB
Page Flag Markers, Assorted Bright Colors, 50 Sheets/Pad, 10 Pads/Pack
  • Post-it® Page Markers in a variety of colors and sizes are great for color-coding your documents
  • They're especially handy when you want to mark a document, and they stay put until you remove them
  • Basically, they're part note and part flag—a mixture of the perfect aspects of each
  • Ten pads per pack (one each color)
  • Color(s): Assorted Colors; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Size: 1/2" x 2"; Width: 1/2".
printer MMM6714RPA
Greener Page Flags, Pastel, 50 Strips/Pad, 4 Pads/Pack
  • Find What Matters Fast! Post-it® Page Markers are perfect for indicating important information
  • Use them to mark pages in books, articles in magazines or use them to color-code your personal papers
  • They'll stay securely in place, yet still remove easily without damaging the page
  • Greener Flags are made entirely of recycled paper and plant-based adhesives
  • Color(s): Helsinki Collection; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Size: 1" x 3"; Width: 1".
printer MMM680BB2
Standard Page Flags in Dispenser, Bright Blue, 100 Flags/Dispenser
  • Post-it® 1' Wide Assorted Color Flags help eliminate volumes of explanations, making your workplace run smoother
  • They stay put where you place them and reposition as you need them
  • Included pack-style dispenser makes one-handed dispensing easy
  • 50 flags per dispenser; 2 dispensers per pack
  • Color(s): Bright Blue; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Size: 1" x 1 3/4"; Width: 1".
printer MMM680HVBE
Page Flags in Desk Grip Dispenser, 1 x 1 3/4, Blue, 200/Dispenser
  • Post-it® 1" Wide Flags help you mark information in a document, book or manual for later reference
  • They're ideal for making temporary notes on important documents
  • Flags stick securely and remove cleanly without damaging your important papers
  • Included Grip Dispenser is compact and lightweight, easy to take with you wherever you go
  • Color(s): Blue; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Size: 1" x 1 3/4"; Width: 1".
printer MMM680SH12
Arrow Message 1" Page Flags, "Sign Here", Yellow, 12 50-Flag Dispensers/Pk
  • Post-it® 1" Wide Arrow Message Flags help you make sure that you don't miss anyone on your signatory list
  • Flags stick securely and remove cleanly without damaging your document
  • Included pack-style dispensers work great alone or can be incorporated into a larger desktop organization system
  • 50 flags per pack, 12 packs per box
  • Color(s): Yellow; Message(s): SIGN HERE; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Size: 1" x 1 3/4".
printer MMM680SH4VAOTG
Flags Combo Pack, 1/2" and 1", Assorted Bright Colors, 320/Pack
  • Use "Sign Here" flags to highlight where signatures are needed in a document
  • Flags stick securely and remove cleanly
  • Flat, portable dispensers are easy to store and carry
  • Color(s): Assorted Brights; Message(s): Blank; SIGN HERE; Assortment: Bright Orange; Bright Pink; Bright Blue; Bright Green; Bright Light Blue; Size: Assorted.
printer MMM683XL1
1/2" and 1" Page Flag Value Pack, Nine Assorted Colors, 320/Pack
  • These flags allow you to mark, tab, highlight and color-code documents—helping you retrieve information quickly
  • All flags are removable and repositionable, so when you're finished, you simply take them off without damaging the document
  • Flags can be written on with a ballpoint pen or pencil to create labels or make notes
  • With the convenient pop-up dispenser, you can quickly retrieve and place flags while working on documents
  • Color(s): Assorted Primary/Brights; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Assortment: Blue; Green; Yellow; Orange; Red; Aqua; Pink; Purple; Lime; Size: 1/2" x 1 3/4"; 1" x 1 3/4".
printer MMM684ARR4
Arrow 1/2" Page Flags, Four Assorted Bright Colors, 24/Color, 96-Flags/Pack
  • Post-it® 1/2" Wide Arrow Flags allow you to point precisely to what's important on the page
  • They stick securely and can be removed without damaging your documents
  • Each pack comes in a convenient, detachable pop-up flag dispenser that can be used alone or in a 3M™ Desk Organizer or larger Post-it® Flag Dispenser
  • Color(s): Assorted Brights; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Assortment: Bright Blue, Bright Green, Bright Pink and Bright Yellow; Size: 1/2" x 1 3/4".
printer MMM684SH
Arrow Message 1/2" Page Flags, "Sign Here", 4 Colors w/Dispensers, 120/Pack
  • Post-it® 1/2" Wide Arrow Message Flags are a quick and efficient way to indicate where each signature is needed
  • Flags stick securely and remove cleanly, so your documents won't get damaged
  • Handy, pack-style dispenser keeps flags organized, making them easy to find
  • Color(s): Assorted Colors; Message(s): SIGN HERE; Dispenser: Pop-Up; Assortment: Blue; Green; Red; Yellow.
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