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printer KMW33959
Docking Station VESA Compatible Mounting Plate
  • If you’re incorporating a Kensington® Docking Station into your system, such as the SD3600, but you have limited desktop space, the Docking Station Mounting Plate is the ideal complement
  • It allows you to mount the dock on the back of your VESA-compatible monitor even if it’s attached to a monitor arm
  • The mounting plate also has special slots that let you adjust the placement of the dock to your preferred location
  • Height: 7 1/8"; Width: 5".
printer ATA73110
Canvas Organizer Bag, 24 Pockets, 16in
  • Multi-compartment, easy-organize pocket system
  • Rugged canvas with reinforced seams
  • Eight large pockets around top of bag, 16 medium pockets around middle of bag
  • Bottom designed to remain fully open when set down
  • Removable waterproof fiber bottom board
  • Type: Bag; Material(s): 15 oz #10 Cotton Canvas; Shape: Rectangle; Width: 16".
printer MSA507005
Ergonomic Iron-Worker's Tool Holder, 18", Metal
  • Handy holder allows you to put distance between your tool and your hand without compromising control
  • Tight-fitting band and slip-resistant abutment ensure secure wrench, chisel, punch, pin and spike attachment
  • Shock-reduction design keeps vibration transfer to a minimum
  • For extended reach, holder may be attached to select extension poles and most broom handles (sold separately)
  • Ropes, Harnesses and Climbing Tool Type: Tool Holder; Application: Construction; Iron-Working; Maintenance; Connection Type: Tool: Band/Abutment; Opening Size: 1 1/2".
printer RCP2535CT
Lobby Pro Upright Dustpan Hanger Bracket, 1 1/4w x 1 1/4h x 4l, BK, 6/Carton
  • Lobby Pro® Upright Dustpan Hanger Bracket is made from sturdy polypropylene
  • It allows for easy dustpan and broom storage and is easy to use
  • Height: 1 1/4"; Length: 4"; Width: 1 1/4".
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