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printer FAO9000
All Terrain First Aid Kit, 112 Pieces, Ballistic Nylon, Red
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get a first aid kit designed for the toughest terrain and the most intense working conditions
  • All terrain kit contains essential supplies for common injuries on fracking, mining, oil/gas refinery, and power generation/utilities worksites
  • Includes emergency supplies for on-site treatment of severe burns, eye injuries, major wounds, snake bites, stings and other emergencies
  • A durable, duffel-style bag made from ballistic nylon makes it easy to tote emergency supplies where you most need them
  • Multiple pockets and compartments make emergency supplies easy to find
  • Easy grab-and-go triage packs have detailed first aid instructions and supplies for medical emergencies, including fractures, minor burns, severe burns, eye wounds, severe cuts, CPR and shock recovery
  • Number of Pieces: 112; Contains: PhysiciansCare 7" Non-stick Titanium Bandage Shears, 3.5" Steel Forceps, (20) 3/4" x 3" Adhesive Strips, (4) 2" Gauze Pads, 5 Fabric Knuckle Bandages, 5 Fabric Fingertip Bandages, 10 BZK Antiseptic Wipes, 10 Alcohol Pads, 5 Sting Relief Wipes, 6 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets, 6 First Aid/Burn Cream Packets, Aluminized Rescue Blanket, (2) 8" x 10" Combine Dressing, 12 Nasal Decongestant, 12 Non-Aspirin, 12 Ibuprofen, Triple Cut First Aid Tape, 4-Ounce Eyewash, 4-Ounce Burn Spray, 4-Ounce Antiseptic Spray, Large Sterile Burn Sheet, 10" x 30" Multi-Trauma Dressing, First Aid Triage Pack - Major Wound Care, First Aid Triage Pack - Fracture Care, First Aid Triage Pack - Severe Burns (WaterJel), First Aid Triage Pack - Minor Burns (WaterJel), First Aid Triage Pack - CPR & Shock, First Aid Triage Pack - Eye Care (with Eyewash), (2) 6" x 9" Instant Cold Packs, 4 Nitrile Exam Gloves, Snake Bite Kit, Tick and Splinter Removal Kit; Case Material: Durable Ballistic Nylon; Width: 14 1/2".
printer FAO90001
Emergency Preparedness First Aid Backpack, 63 Pieces/Kit
  • Spacious orange backpack has glow-in-the-dark tag that makes it easy to find
  • Contains essential supplies you need in an emergency based on FEMA and American Red Cross guidelines
  • Includes water, food, whistle, light stick, flashlight with batteries, rain poncho, emergency blanket, hand warmers, first aid kit, mask, cotton gloves and two hand sanitizer packets
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
  • System Capacity: 1 Person System; Contains: Bags; Bandages; Burn Cream; Cable, Lock, 2 Keys; Cold Pack; Dust Mask; Emergency Blanket; First Aid Guide; Flashlight And Batteries; Food Bars; Gauze Pads; Gloves; Tape; Tissue; Water Packs; Case Material: Nylon; Width: 12 1/2".
printer FAO90018
First Aid Kit for up to 75 People, Metal, 419 Pieces/Kit
  • 419 pieces
  • Organized, compact container makes finding items quick and convenient
  • Contains a variety of first aid items used to treat most incidents and accidents plus first aid guide
  • Metal carry case contains 23 first aid products plus antiseptic towelettes, alcohol pads, burn cream, eye pads, cold pack, tweezers, scissors and more
  • Wall-mountable (hardware not included)
  • System Capacity: 50 Person System; Number of Pieces: 419; Contains: Alcohol Pads; Antibiotic Triple Ointment; Antiseptic Towelettes; Burn Cream; Cold Pack; Eye Pads; Eye Wash; Ibuprofen; Sling; Fingertip; Knuckle Bandages; Tweezers; Scissors; Exam Gloves; Compress Bandages; Adhesive Bandages; Mounting: Wall.
printer JOJ8274
Portable Travel First Aid Kit, 70-Pieces, Plastic Case
  • Don't let minor mishaps ruin your trip
  • The 70 essential first aid items in this kit will help you handle a variety of medical problems that might arise when you're on the road
  • Products will help you treat cuts and scrapes and relieve pain and itching
  • Includes an assortment of BAND-AID® adhesive bandages, cleansing wipes and antibiotic ointment
  • Comes in a compact, hard-shell case
  • System Capacity: 1 Person System; Number of Pieces: 70; Contains: Adhesive Bandages; Cleansing Wipes; Antibiotic Ointment; Case Material: Plastic.
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