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printer RCP421288BLA
Floor & Carpet Sweeper, Plastic Bristles, 44" Handle, Black/Gray
  • The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Executive Series Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper is part of a complete line of commercial sweepers for hard floors and carpets
  • The carpet sweeper features an easy-open debris pan for effortless cleaning
  • Its low profile design provides easy access around and under furniture
  • The carpet sweeper is constructed of durable galvanized steel and tough ABS plastic and is designed for low-pile carpet, tile, wood, vinyl and more
  • Application: Bare Floors; Low Pile Carpets; Bristle Material: Nylon Bristle; Bristle Length: 6 1/2"; Handle Material: Steel.
printer FKL39357
Workhorse Carpet Sweeper, 46", Black
  • Quickly pick up dust, dirt and debris with this highly effective blade-rotor sweeper
  • Versatile design works on brick, tile, linoleum, wood, carpet and concrete
  • Rubber bumper helps protect furniture legs, walls and baseboards
  • Solid steel construction with baked enamel finish
  • Application: Carpet; Concrete; Hard Floor; Tiles; Woodwork; Handle Material: Plastic; Handle Diameter: 1"; Color(s): Black.
printer MMMM007CCW
Quick Floor Sweeper, Rubber Bristles, 42" Aluminum Handle, White
  • Nothing to plug in and no refills to buy
  • With a 7 1/2" cleaning path, the quick floor sweeper is a great way to sweep up large and small debris from hard surface floors and low pile carpets
  • Soft rubber blades won't damage floor
  • Dual debris receptacles unload from top for easy cleanout
  • Rubber bumper around entire sweeper protects walls
  • Application: Hard Floor; Low Pile Carpet; Bristle Material: Rubber Blades; Bristle Length: 7 1/2"; Handle Material: Metal.
printer RCP421388BLA
Dual Action Sweeper, Boar/Nylon Bristles, 44" Steel/Plastic Handle, Black/Yellow
  • The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Dual Action Mechanical Carpet Sweeper contains 2 types of bristle brush rolls to collect dust, dirt and debris from carpets
  • This carpet sweeper is made from durable galvanized steel and ABS plastic and works well for bare floors and low-pile carpets
  • Efficient 7.5-in
  • sweep path, plus rubber bumper to protect furniture and walls
  • Application: Bare Floors; Low Pile Carpets; Bristle Material: Boar; Nylon; Handle Material: Galvanized Steel; Plastic; Brush Length: 7 1/2".
printer RCP421588BLA
Brushless Mechanical Sweeper, 44" Handle, Black/Yellow
  • Nonmarking rubber sweep blades effectively pick up dry and semi-liquid debris from wood, tile, vinyl and carpet flooring
  • Four corner brushes push dirt and dust from the edges toward the blades
  • Low-profile design simplifies cleaning around and under furniture
  • Wide sweep path allows you to cover ground quickly
  • Extra-capacity, dual debris canisters with one-touch release system help improve productivity
  • Rubberized bumpers protect walls and baseboards
  • Application: Carpet Sweeper; Bristle Material: Rubber Blades; Handle Material: Steel/Plastic; Brush Length: 7 1/2".
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