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printer CPC39013
Suavitel Fabric Softener, Field Flowers Scent, 50 oz Bottle
  • Soften and freshen your clothes with a fabric conditioner
  • Gives your fabric an irresistible softness
  • Also makes ironing easier after use
  • Liquid formula for use in the rinse cycle
  • Application: Fabric Softener; Applicable Material: Fabric; Chemical Compound: Water; Quarternized Triethanoiamine; Scent: Field Flowers.
printer DVO5777724
Liquid Fabric Softener, Blue Sparkle, Floral Scent, 2 gal Bottle, 2/Carton
  • Liquid clothing and fabric conditioner effectively reduces static cling
  • Softener agents ensure a special, fresh feel after drying
  • Safe for all washing machines
  • Application: Fabric Softener; Applicable Material: Fabric; Scent: Floral; Physical Form: Liquid.
printer PGC35762
Liquid Fabric Softener, Concentrated, April Fresh, 51oz Bottle, 8/Carton
  • Infuses fabrics with a fluffy softness that helps reduce static cling
  • Clothes stay fresh longer with renewing scent pearl technology that renews freshness over time
  • Fabric softener provides a full seven days of motion-activated freshness with just one wash
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Softens 60 loads
  • Application: Fabric Softener; Applicable Material: Fabric; Chemical Compound: Includes Biodegradable Fabric Softening Agents (Cationic); Scent: April Fresh.
printer DVOCB451156EA
Fabric Softener Sheets, Fresh Scent, 120 Sheets/Box
  • Convenient-to-use fabric softener sheets for the dryer cycle
  • Reduce static cling and leave wash soft and fresh
  • Cuddle-up fresh scent
  • Scent: Fresh; Number of Sheets: 120 per box.
printer VEN2979353
Free Clear Vend Pack Dryer Sheets, Fragrance Free, 2 Sheets/Box, 100 Box/Carton
  • Get clean, dry clothes without the cling, with dryer sheets that reduce static cling
  • Conveniently packaged fabric softener sheets leave clothes soft and fresh
  • Free of perfumes and clear of dyes
  • Handy packaging is designed for vending opportunities in laundromats and guest amenities.
printer VEN2979996
Liquid HE Fabric Softener, Original, 1 Load Vend-Box, 100/Carton
  • Coin-vend packaging is ideal for laundromats, hotels and apartment buildings
  • HE liquid fabric softener effectively reduces static cling
  • Softens fabric during wash cycle, giving laundry a special, fresh feel
  • Application: HE Liquid Fabric Softener; Applicable Material: Fabric; Scent: Blue Sparkle; Physical Form: Liquid.
printer CDC3320000102
Essentials Dryer Sheets, Mountain Rain, 144 Sheets/Box, 6 Boxes/Carton
  • Responsibly tame rough fibers when you chose sheets infused with naturally derived softeners
  • During the drying cycle, sheets absorb and neutralize static-electric charges
  • Fresh, pleasant scent
  • Scent: Mountain Rain; Number of Sheets: 144 per box.
printer PGC80168CT
Fabric Softener Sheets, 160 Sheets/Box, 6 Boxes/Carton
  • Prevents static cling on garments as they come out of dryer and as they are worn
  • Softens clothes; gives a fresh scent
  • Scent: Outdoor Fresh; Number of Sheets: 160 per box.
printer SEV22787
Natural Fabric Softener Sheets, Free & Clear, 80/Box, 12 Box/Carton
  • Natural fabric softener sheets are made from unbleached paper, instead of plastic
  • Sheets use plant-based ingredients and essential oils for a cozy softness that will really make you feel good
  • They soften fabrics and reduce static cling, for comfortingly soft clothes and sheets
  • Sheets are phosphate free and free of dyes and synthetic fragrances
  • Paper sheets are recyclable
  • Scent: Free & Clear/Unscented; Number of Sheets: 80 per box.
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