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printer RCP296300GY
10 Quart Plastic Utility Pail, 10 1/2 Diameter x 10 1/4h, Gray Plastic
  • The Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Bucket allows you to easily transport liquids
  • The corrosive-resistant bails with sturdy, plastic-grip handle makes transport simple
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 10 qt; Diameter: 10 1/2"; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Gray.
printer RCP262888GY
19 Quart Double Utility Pail, 18 x 14 1/2 x 10, Gray Plastic
  • Double pail allows you to separate your cleaning solution from your rinse water
  • Molded-in graduations make it easy to fill and mix accurately
  • Wide pour spout
  • Durable, molded-plastic with metal loop handle
  • Gray
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 19 qt; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Gray; Width: 18".
printer RCP778000YW
WaveBrake 35 Quart Mopping Trolley Side Press, Yellow
  • Improve productivity with this compact janitor's cart and mopping combo, all in one
  • Trolley handle for easy transport and storage of safety sign and lobby dustpan (with optional hanger, Rubbermaid® Commercial 2535-00, available as special order only)
  • Removable maid caddy for two spray bottles and cleaning supplies
  • Accommodates a 13-gal
  • poly liner for waste collection
  • Quiet Caster Dolly makes less than one-tenth the noise of a traditional mop bucket
  • System also includes "bucket-in-bucket" design to separate clean and dirty water and an additional accessory bucket for extra cleaning solution or waste collection
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 35 qt; Material(s): Tubular Steel; Plastic; Color(s): Yellow; Wringer: Sideward Pressure.
printer RCP9C74RED
Dirty Water Bucket for Wavebrake Bucket/Wringer, 18qt, Red
  • Separates clean water from used for more efficient cleaning
  • By separating used water, this innovative mopping solution preserves the integrity of the cleaning water and reduces the amount of cleanser needed
  • This helps produce cleaner and less slippery floors and makes mop buckets easier to empty by dividing the liquid weight between clean and used water
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 18 qt; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Red; Quantity: 1 each.
printer RCP738000YEL
Tandem 31qt Bucket/Wringer Combo, Yellow
  • The Rubbermaid Commercial Tandem Mop Bucket with Wringer features an all-in-one compact design that means more effective wringing, better mop performance, and no more lost parts
  • The WaveBrake combo features a 31-quart mop bucket and integrated mop wringer that fits mops up to 24-ounces, has holes in both wringing plates for efficiency, and has a tubular steel arm with a contoured handle for better grip
  • The mop bucket has built-in lift handles on the bottom to facilitate lifting and emptying, and it rolls on 4 non-marking casters for mobility
  • The bucket and wringer are made from yellow injection-molded plastic for lightweight performance
  • This mop bucket with wringer is suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 31 qt; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Yellow; Wringer: Reverse.
printer BWK2635COMBOYEL
Pro-Pac Side-Squeeze Wringer/Bucket Combo, 8.75gal, Yellow
  • Ultra-durable combo features a reliable, professional-grade design
  • Foam-grip handle increases wringer-use comfort
  • Swivel casters enable easy maneuverability
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 35 qt; Material(s): Plastic/Metal; Color(s): Yellow/Silver; Wringer: Side-Press Wringer.
printer BWKCBMF6GY
Microfiber Charging Bucket, 6 gal, Polypropylene, Gray, 11 x 21 x 11 1/2
  • Streamline your microfiber system with this presoak microfiber charging bucket
  • Holds up to 20 18" microfiber pads
  • It's easy
  • Just stack pads in the bucket, face down, pour in solution, seal the lid, and invert
  • Pads will absorb cleaning solution in 15-30 minutes
  • Comes with color flags to be HACCP compliant
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 6 gal; Material(s): Polypropylene; Color(s): Gray; Quantity: 1 each.
printer RCP1857378
Executive Heavy Duty Pail, Black, Plastic, 5 Quarts, 9.3 w x 7.5 d x 8.5 h
  • Heavy duty executive series pail makes cleaning quick and easy
  • Dark, discreet coloring hides dirt and marks
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface keeps pail looking like new
  • Convenient, portable pail allows for easy cleaning in tight spaces
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 5 qt; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Black; Suggested Use: Cleaning Carts.
printer RCP1863896
WaveBrake Side-Press Wringer/Bucket Combo, 35 Qt, Black
  • Maintain your clean with a powerful, durable side-press mop bucket, built to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles
  • Separates dirty water from clean water, concealing it and preserving the quality and cleaning power of cleaning solutions
  • Convenient and easy measuring, with graduated measurement markings
  • Discreet coloring hides dirt and maintains a positive image
  • WaveBrake system reduces splashing by up to 40%, preventing unnecessary mess
  • Quiet casters reduce noise--will not disturb guests and visitors
  • Black
  • Capacity Range (Volume) [Max]: 35 qt; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Black; Wringer: Side-Press Wringer.
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