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printer DVO904809
Good Sense Automatic Spray System, Fresh Scent, Yellow, 0.67 oz Cartridge, 12/CT
  • Continuously freshens air anywhere odors are present
  • Uses patented concentrated ActScent™ odor counteracting technology to deliver a dry and fine mist of smell elimination, resulting in long-lasting action against mal-odors
  • Uses a programmable dispenser to meet all customers' needs
  • Integrated photo-cell, when activated switches unit automatically to night mode when lights are out
  • Scent: Fresh; Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Automatic Odor Control; Capacity (Volume): 0.67 oz.
printer FRSRCAB12
Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinets, 4w x 3 1/2d x 8 3/4h, White
  • Large, plastic cabinets ideal for Re-Fresh Gel Air Fresheners Series (sold separately), or any 24-oz
  • wall block
  • Includes mounting tape
  • Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White; Depth: 3 1/2"; Height: 8 3/4".
printer GPC56804
ActiveAire Passive Whole-Room Freshener Dispenser, White, 3.22 x 4.057 x 6.83
  • Passive ActiveAire™ air freshener dispenser provides a 360º approach to battling restroom odor
  • Place it anywhere there is good airflow and the dispenser passively distributes fragrance for freshness throughout the restroom—great for smaller and well-vented restrooms
  • Dispensers are battery free, so they provide great freshness with minimal maintenance
  • Sustained release ensures freshness for a full 30 days
  • On-trend fragrances provide a consistent and welcoming experience for restroom users
  • Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White; Depth: 4.057"; Height: 6.83".
printer RAC92944
Freshmatic Life Scents Starter Kit, Summer Delights, 6.17 oz Aerosol, 4/Carton
  • Pick a winning combo, with a dispenser packaged conveniently with a refill in an easy all-in-one pack
  • The automatic sprayer releases bursts of continuous fresh fragrance in constantly changing scents so your home always smells welcoming
  • This collection is the first constantly changing fragrance, fending off scent fatigue and ensuring your home smells lovely
  • Just set the air freshener to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy while the refill fragrances your home
  • White flowers--melon-vanilla
  • Scent: Summer Delights; Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Automatic Odor Control; Capacity (Volume): 6.17 oz.
printer RCP5137
Sebreeze Aerosol Odor Control System, 4 3/4w x 3 1/8d x 7 1/2h
  • Reliable, easy-to-operate dispenser
  • No programming required to produce consistent metered sprays every 15 minutes
  • Keyless locking cabinet
  • Uses SeBreeze® Fragrance Aerosol Canister (sold separately)
  • Powered by two D batteries (not included)
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Off-White; Depth: 3 1/8"; Height: 7 1/2".
printer RCP4015061
TC Microburst Odor Control System, Country Delight, 6 oz Aerosol, 12/Carton
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products Microburst 3000 with LumeCel Technology is a sleek, high-performance aerosol dispenser that delivers air freshener with Microtrans Odor Neutralizer to eliminate odors
  • Completely powered by LumeCel Technology, it uses available light inside the washroom for near high efficiency
  • Pharmaceutical-grade steel valve distributes a diverse selection of high quality fragrances in a fine mist to terminate washroom odors
  • Ready-to-use out of the box, it features smart chip technology for maximum odor control from 30 to 168 days with flexible programming options
  • With a "Days to Refill" indicator to remind staff when needed refills are approaching, the Microburst 3000 with LumeCel Technology is virtually maintenance free
  • Scent: Country Delight™; Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Automatic Odor Control; Capacity (Volume): 6 oz.
printer SJMWP107801202
Arriba Twist Passive Dispenser, 2 7/8 x 4 5/8 x 2 7/8, Gray
  • Convenient Arriba™ Twist System is a great choice when you need long-lasting freshness with minimal effort
  • Battery-free operation is an easy option and requires minimal maintenance
  • Simple, silent operation will not disturb patrons
  • Each refill provides odor control for up to 60 days
  • Works anywhere you need quality air care
  • Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Gray; Depth: 2 7/8"; Height: 4 5/8".
printer TMS1047357
AroMatics Dispenser/Refill Kits, 3oz Tropical Splash Refill, White Dispenser
  • Get everything you need in the AroMatics starter kit: an attractive dispenser and a fragrance refill
  • Three spray-frequency settings: every 7.5 minutes, every 15 minutes and every 30 minutes, allow you to tailor operation to your needs
  • Air freshener refills completely neutralize odors while leaving a pleasant, light fragrance behind
  • Dispenser runs up to 30 days on a single refill and up to six months on two AA batteries
  • Scent: Tropical Splash; Physical Form: Liquid; Application: Automatic Odor Control; Capacity (Volume): 3 oz.
printer TMS1047824
Settings Fragrance Dispenser, White, 3 3/8"W x 3"D x 7 1/2"H, 6/Carton
  • The sleek, modern design of this dispenser allows it to blend well in office settings
  • Convenient, hinge-top accessibility makes it easy to change refills
  • Unique dispenser with magnetic lock
  • Innovative light-sensing technology
  • Use two AA batteries to power the dispenser for a year, or four to power it for two years (not included)
  • Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): White; Depth: 3"; Height: 7 1/2".
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