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printer BOB2621
Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 10 3/4 x 4 x 7 1/8
  • Satin-finish stainless steel towel dispenser
  • Dispenser is conveniently surface or wall-mountable
  • Holds 200 c-fold or 275 multifold towels
  • Key-latch door for easy towel refills
  • Hemmed towel tray opening allows patrons easy access to towels
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Folded Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Satin Stainless Steel; Capacity (text): 200 C-Fold Towels; 275 Multifold Towels; Color(s): Stainless Steel.
printer BOB5262
Matrix Series Surface-Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser, ABS Plastic, Gray
  • Dispenses C-fold or Multi-fold towels without adjustment or adapters
  • Cabinet slots indicate refill time
  • Door has concealed locking device to prevent tampering or theft
  • Made of durable ABS Plastic for extended lifetime
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Folded Towel Dispenser; Material(s): ABS Plastic; Capacity (text): Holds 400 C-Fold Towels; Holds 525 Multifold Towels; Color(s): Gray.
printer BWK33GREEN
Xtra Electronic Hand Towel Dispenser, Plastic, 12.32" x 9.32" x 15.95", Black
  • Boardwalk® Xtra Hand Towel Dispenser is designed to last in busy restrooms, so you can be rest assured it will always function as smoothly as day one
  • The paper roll index allows for quick and easy loading
  • An intuitive, one-touch, control panel helps you manage the length of the hand towel being dispensed at either 10'' or 18'', with On Demand for patron-activated dispensing or Valet Mode for a ready-to-use hanging towel
  • The roll consumption indicator informs your staff at a glance when it's time to refill
  • Hygienic, one-at-a-time dispensing encourages guests to only use as many hand towels as they need, helping you reduce waste and save on cost
  • The dispenser delivers up to 80 rolls of 1,000 foot toweling with recommended batteries
  • Works with Boardwalk Xtra controlled roll towels
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Roll Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Capacity (text): Holds One Roll; Color(s): Black.
printer BWKFT111SBBW
Mini Folded Towel Dispenser, 5 3/8 x 12 3/8 x 13 7/8, Smoke Black
  • Hygienic, one-at-a-time folded towel dispenser prevents waste
  • Accommodates a variety of towel types, including single fold, C-fold and multi-fold
  • Compact unit fits easily in any washroom
  • Tough, industrial plastic construction is easy to clean
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Folded Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Capacity (text): Single Stack of Folded Towels; Color(s): Smoke Black.
printer BWKHF108SBBW
Hands Free Mechanical Towel Dispenser, 9 3/4 x 16 7/8 x 12 3/8, Smoke Black
  • Convenient hands-free mechanical towel dispenser provides easy access to towels while minimizing cross-contamination
  • Does not require batteries
  • Automatic mechanical cutting dispenses 11" portions of paper, plenty for your patrons to dry their hands with
  • Replaceable drive module
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Roll Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Capacity (text): 1 roll; Color(s): Smoke Black.
printer GPC5665001
C-Fold/Multifold Towel Dispenser, 11 x 5 1/4 x 15 2/5, Translucent Smoke
  • Flip-down plate instantly converts to dispense C-Fold, Multifold or BigFold® towels
  • Door ramp design prevents overstuffing
  • Covered key lock protects against waste and pilferage
  • Large capacity: 400 C-Fold, 600 Multifold towels or one package of BigFold® towels
  • Mounts with screws (not incl.)
  • See-through plastic cover
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Folded Towel Dispenser; Color(s): Translucent Smoke; Depth: 5 1/4"; Height: 15 2/5".
printer GPC58201
Center Pull Hand Towel Dispenser, 10 7/8w x 10 3/8d x 11 1/2h, Smoke
  • Sanitary—touch only the towel you use
  • Requires just one hand to tear off a towel
  • Easy to load and self-threading—no moving parts; includes low-paper indicator
  • Locking plastic case (one key included)
  • Mount screws not included
  • 560 sheets per roll
  • Use with SofPull® Towels GEP-28143 (sold separately)
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Roll Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Translucent Smoke; Depth: 10 3/8".
printer KCC09746
Omni Roll Towel Dispenser, 10 1/2 x 10 x 10, Smoke/Gray
  • High-impact grey plastic with smoked transparent cover
  • Compact dispenser perfect for areas with limited wall space
  • Holds up to 1000 feet of towels
  • No-touch dispensing helps reduce cross-contamination
  • Non-restrictive design allows user to take length of sheet desired
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Roll Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Smoke; Depth: 10".
printer KCC09996
Sanitouch Hard Roll Towel Dispenser, 12 63/100w x 10 1/5d x 16 13/100h, Smoke
  • A reliable, efficient hand-drying system that is perfect for your busy workplace
  • Towels Dispensers Type: Roll Towel Dispenser; Material(s): Plastic; Capacity (text): One 8-inch Diameter Roll; Color(s): Smoke.
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