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printer BGH18935000
DigiScan Forehead & Ear Thermometer, Black/White, Digital/Verbal Readout
  • Forehead scan option allows you to takes temperatures quickly and easily, even when your child is asleep
  • Large backlit LCD screen and audio readings in multiple languages are convenient in darkness or low lighting
  • Infrared technology instantly reads body temperature using forehead scan or ear read
  • Red light indicator detects when fever is present, eliminating guesswork
  • 30 reading memory storage with date and time display
  • No probe covers required
  • Audio readings available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian
  • Read-Out Type: Digital or Audio; Quantity: 1 each.
printer MIIWA05075005
Probe Covers for Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer, 200/Box
  • Disposable probe covers help ensure optimum performance of Thermoscan Pro 4000
  • Convenient disposable covers provide ensure sanitary usage
  • Easy to slip on and pull off
  • Read-Out Type: Digital; For Use With: Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer; Quantity: 200 per box.
printer FAO21775
Disposable Thermometer, Dot-Matrix Phase-Change, 100/Box
  • Disposable thermometers are perfect for emergency use
  • Convenient unitized box is designed to fit into any first aid kit
  • Perfect for use as standalone item or as a refill for a first aid kit
  • For oral or axillary use
  • Read-Out Type: Dot-Matrix Phase-Change; For Use With: First Aid Kits; Quantity: 100 per box.
printer BGH18535000
RediScan Infrared Thermometer w/Digital Readout, White/Blue, 50F–122F
  • No more tantrums with a convenient thermometer that can take a child's temperature without contact
  • Also handy in detecting the temperature of an object
  • Professional accuracy
  • Fast, one-second readout
  • Nite-Glo® display is easy to read, even in the dark
  • Automatic shut-off
  • °F / °C switchable, for your convenience
  • Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.
printer MIIMDS9950
Premier Oral Digital Thermometer, White/Blue
  • Digital thermometer provides an accurate reading
  • Simple push-button start and large LCD screen make taking temperatures quick and easy
  • Measures in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius
  • Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.
printer BGH18607000
Deluxe Instant Ear Thermometer, Digital, Blue
  • Find the fever fast - instant ear thermometer provides one-second readings
  • Easy-to-use, one-touch operation
  • FeverVue™ Technology changes color according to the temperature reading of the display
  • No probe covers required
  • °F / °C switchable
  • Automatic shut-off prevents energy waste
  • Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.
printer MIIMDS12704
Thermometer Probe Covers, 100/Pack
  • Designed for patient comfort, disposable covers help protect the unit
  • Handy covers reduce cross-contamination and improve hygiene
  • Convenient covers slip easily on and off
  • Covers ensure optimum performance of the Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer (sold separately)
  • For Use With: Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer; Quantity: 100 per pack.
printer MIIMDS1806
Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer w/100 Probe Covers, Blue/White
  • Ri-Thermo Multifunctional infrared professional tympanic thermometer is an excellent choice for reliable results
  • Thermometer provides three measurement functions: body temperature, liquid temperature (e.g
  • baby bath-water or baby food) and air temperature
  • Provides speedy readout; 1-2 seconds in C° or F°.12 measurement memory
  • Convenient thermometer comes with 100 probe covers, for easy, hygienic usage
  • Read-Out Type: Digital - Dual Scale; For Use With: Medline Integrated Diagnostic Systems; Quantity: 1 each.
No Touch Forehead Thermometer, Black
  • Take a temperature without the fuss, with a handy non-contact measurement that does not require probe cover, saving cost of replacement
  • Automatically powers off if left idle for 15 seconds
  • Memory function allows you to recall up to 20 previous results
  • Easy to read LCD with white backlight in a dark environment
  • Color visible indication of alarm (red) and measurement in progress (blue)
  • Auto-sense measurement within 2 cm
  • Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.
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