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printer CRD21110
HOLD IT Binder Insert Strips, 3/4 x 11, Self-Adhesive, Punched, Clear, 25/Pack
  • Clear adhesive strip is strong and multi-hole punched to fit a variety of binder ring styles
  • Easy way to add documents and brochures to your ring binder without punching holes
  • Simply peel away cover strip to reveal adhesive and press in place along the edge of the paper
  • Strip Size (W x H): 3/4" x 11"; Color(s): Clear; Strip Material(s): Poly-Plastic.
printer RUBT02802
3-Hole Punched Plastic Edge Strip Magazine Holders For Ring Binders, 12/Pack
  • Plastic edge strips let you bind standard size magazines or catalogs in a ring binder
  • Open magazine, slip through holder's slot and place in any three-ring binder—no punching necessary
  • Strip Size (W x H): 1" x 11 5/8"; Color(s): Frost; Strip Material(s): Plastic.
printer CLI64112
Self-Adhesive Reinforcing Strips, 10 3/4 x 1, 200/BX
  • Peel off backing paper and apply to materials to strengthen
  • Avoid wasting paper that may have torn by using the strips to repair the pages
  • Prevents materials from tearing out of your binder by protecting and reinforcing the entire edge
  • Can easily be punched and tabbed
  • The 10 3/4" x 1" reinforcing strip works well with letter-sized paper
  • Strip Size (W x H): 10 3/4" x 1"; Color(s): Clear; Strip Material(s): Plastic.
printer CLI64713
Self-Adhesive Attaching Strips, 3-Hole Punched, 11 x 1, 200/BX
  • Easily add unpunched sheets to your binder
  • The pre-punched 11" x 1" attaching strip will work well with various sized materials (up to 8 1/2" x 11")
  • The flexible design allows for easy addition of odd-sized materials, such as brochures, to any three-ring binder
  • Peel, stick and trim as needed
  • No heat or other tools required
  • Strip Size (W x H): 11" x 1"; Color(s): Clear; Strip Material(s): Plastic.
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