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printer CKC5100
No-Spill Paint Cups, 10/Set
  • Dual-lid storage cups with outer lids that seal cup securely; inner lids that keep paint from spilling out if cup gets knocked over
  • Lid color easily identifies the color of paint inside
  • Plastic
  • Paint-Supply Type: Paint Cup.
printer CKC5175
Brush Organizer, White
  • Durable plastic brush organizer
  • Features a double well to hold water and solvents
  • The lift-off lid has eight paint wells, does double duty as a palette and fits snugly to prevent evaporation
  • Outer rim features 18 convenient openings of various sizes to hold brushes upright
  • Brushes can rest in liquid on one side while the ridge bottom on the other side aids in cleaning
  • Paint-Supply Type: Brush Holder; Brush Capacity: 18.
printer CKC5104
No-Spill Cups & Coordinating Brushes, Assorted Colors, 10/Set
  • Keep painting projects tidy with this cup and brush pack
  • Smart set features no-spill cups with lids in assorted colors and color-coordinated brushes
  • Paint-Supply Type: Paint Cup.
printer CKC5174
Brush Caddy, 5-3/4" Dia., Plastic, Two-Tiers, 49 Compartments, White, Each
  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Two tiers with 49 individual compartments provide neat, convenient, ample storage
  • 5 3/4" diameter
  • Paint-Supply Type: Brush Holder; Brush Capacity: 49.
printer CKC5923
Plastic Paint Trays, 10/Pack
  • Durable, plastic palette shaped trays hold paint while keeping work surfaces clean
  • Paint-Supply Type: Paint Tray/Palette.
printer CKC5924
Round Plastic Paint Trays for Classroom, White, 10/Pack
  • Durable white plastic round trays with ten paint wells
  • Paint-Supply Type: Paint Tray/Palette.
printer PAC27660
Interlocking Storage Container with Lid, Clear Plastic
  • Clear plastic, wide-mouthed storage bin interlocks on top and sides for stacking up to four high
  • Rugged high-impact plastic is FDA approved
  • 9 1/2w x 5 1/2d x 6 3/4h
  • Art Containers Type: Art Supplies Storage Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Clear; Container Size: 5 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 6 3/4.
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