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printer CKC4190
Paper Mache Mask Kit, 8 x 5 1/2"
  • Ready to decorate papier-mache masks help encourage kids' creativity
  • Perfect for arts and crafts and many projects
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 3 and Up.
printer CKC5203
Craft Hair Kit, Black 1/2" Curls, 4 oz.
  • Adds new dimension to dolls, puppets, collages and more
  • Each bag contains 4 oz
  • of curly craft hair
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and Up; Choking Hazard: Y.
printer PAP1989556
Flair Adult Coloring Kit, Woman's Closet Theme Coloring Book with 20 Markers
  • Set your inner artist loose and express yourself in trend-setting style and color! Featuring a women’s closet themed adult coloring book and 20 hand-picked felt tip pens, the pumped-up shades make your dream closet come to life
  • Each of the adult coloring book markers has Point Guard to prevent the tip from fraying so you always produce crisp lines even after repeated use
  • What’s more, the quick-drying, water-based ink resists smearing so you’ll always leave a great impression
  • The perfect art marker for adult coloring pages, the ink is specially designed so that it won't bleed through paper
  • Fashion-forward and vibrant, Paper Mate Flair Pens dress up the page with an array of calming shades
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 13 and Up.
printer CYO818128
My First Crayons and Markers Combo Classpack, Eight Colors, 128/Set
  • Combining two great My First Crayola® art tools
  • Includes 64 triangular easy-grip crayons and 64 ultra-clean washable markers
  • Crayons and markers both come in eight different colors, and the classpack includes eight of each color
  • Enough for the whole classroom! Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up.
printer CYO045350
Art Buddy Backpack, 38 Pieces, Ages 4 and Up
  • Backpack filled with art supplies is perfect for school, travel, or keeping organized at home
  • Durable, clear plastic makes this fashionable organizer great for long-lasting fun
  • Contains 16 crayons, 10 stamper markers, eight broad line washable markers and four sidewalk chalk sticks
  • Backpack has adjustable straps and a zipper closure
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up.
printer CYO045674
Ultimate Art Supplies and Easel with 85 Pieces, Ages 4 and Up
  • Portable art case you can take anywhere! Compartmentalized tray keeps over 85 art supplies organized
  • Built-in easel
  • Includes one storage case, eight markers, 24 crayons, 12 short colored pencils, eight watercolors, one brush, one pair of scissors, one school glue and 30 colored paper sheets
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up.
printer CKC5201
Craft Hair Kit, Brown 1/2" Curls, 4 oz
  • Adds new dimension to dolls, puppets, collages and more
  • Each bag contains 4 oz
  • of curly craft hair
  • Choking Hazard: Y.
printer CYO523349
Crayons and Markers Combo Classpack, Eight Colors, 256/Set
  • Combining two Crayola® classics into one affordable pack! This crayons and markers combo classpack includes 128 crayons and 128 markers in eight different colors, 16 of each color
  • That's 256 total pieces - enough for the whole class! Age Recommendation: All Ages.
printer SAN1978739
Complete Toolkit with Colored Pencils and 8 Page Coloring Book
  • Unlock a world of brilliant, stress-relieving colors and let your imagination bring the coloring pages to life! Your coloring kit comes with 24 Prismacolor colored pencils, an illustration marker, a colorless blender pencil, a kneaded eraser, a pencil sharpener and a coloring book for adults
  • The intensely colorful pigments in the adult coloring pencils help you differentiate your designs
  • Prismacolor coloring pencils feature creamy cores that allow you to blend, shade and layer like a professional artist
  • At the same time, the colorless blender pencil effortlessly blends pencil strokes together while the fine line illustration marker helps you draw details and outline your drawings
  • Your coloring kit also comes with a kneaded eraser that can be molded into any shape plus a dual-port pencil sharpener that allows you to select just the right point for your project
  • Experience the calming power of creative expression
  • Age Recommendation: Ages 13 and Up.
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