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printer ICE33014
Big E Eraser Refill, 7 x 2 x 2, 6/Pack
  • Durable, easy replacement felt pads for Iceberg's Big E eraser
  • Peels off for quick replacement and firmly holds to eraser so it won't fall off
  • Board Eraser Type: Dry Erase Refill; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 7"; Depth: 2".
printer QRT920332
GhostDuster Dry Erase Board Eraser w/16 Wipes, Cellulose, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 x 5 3/4
  • GhostDuster® eraser can whisk away whiteboard dirt and grime in an instant
  • Just peel-away the old layer to reveal a fresh, new erasing surface
  • This disposable yet tough eraser makes quick work of any tough board stain
  • Board Eraser Type: Dry Erase; Pad Material: Cellulose; Width: 6 1/4"; Depth: 9 1/4.
printer QRT807222
Deluxe Chalkboard Eraser/Cleaner, Felt, 12w x 2d x 1 5/8h
  • Superior chalk eraser is made of premium felt and cleans up blackboards fast without leaving a scratch
  • Perfect for large blackboards and high-volume teaching environments
  • Board Eraser Type: Chalkboard; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 12"; Depth: 2".
printer SAN8473KF
Dry Erase Precision Point Eraser w/Replaceable Pad, Felt, 7 3/5 X 3 2/5 X 3 3/5
  • Unique tear drop shape with designated grip makes this eraser remarkably comfortable and easy to use
  • Precision point lets you erase only what you want to erase
  • Replaceable eight-layer felt pad lets you peel away used pads for a fresh erasing surface
  • Included magnetic docking station allows convenient storage directly on your board
  • Pad Material: Felt; Width: 7 3/5"; Depth: 3 2/5"; Height: 3 3/5”.
printer SAN8474
Dry Erase EraserXL with Replaceable Pad, Felt, 10w x 2d
  • Large surface cleaning is no problem with this oversized eraser
  • Comfort grip offers easy maneuverability
  • Features an eight-layer felt pad—when ink builds up simply peel to reveal a new pad
  • Pad Material: Felt; Width: 10".
printer AVE29812
MARK A LOT Dry Erase Eraser, Felt, 6 1/4w x 1 7/8d x 1 1/4h
  • Refreshing your dry erase board is fast and easy with the MARK A LOT® Whiteboard Eraser
  • Constructed of sturdy plastic with ridged sides, it's easy and comfortable to grip
  • With a few swift strokes, the eraser's felt bottom sweeps ink away quickly and cleanly from your dry erase surface
  • This convenient, dedicated eraser eliminates the need to hunt down paper towels or a dry cloth to clean your whiteboard
  • Simply grab the eraser; and in moments, your dry erase board is fresh and clean, ready for new ideas
  • Board Eraser Type: Dry Erase; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 6 1/4"; Depth: 1 7/8".
printer ICE33006
Big E Eraser with Pad, Refillable, 7 x 2 x 1/4, Silver
  • High-profile, ergonomically designed to comfortably fit your hand
  • Extra-large eraser is ideal for erasing large dry erase surfaces quickly
  • Board Eraser Type: Dry Erase; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 7"; Depth: 2".
printer QRTBFEB3
Premium Magnetic 3-in-1 Eraser, Felt
  • Magnetic 3-in-1 Eraser works on both chalkboards and whiteboards, a great choice for the classroom or office
  • The felt eraser pad is reversible and excellent at removing chalk and dry-erase ink to always deliver a perfectly clean writing surface
  • The 2-sided reversible feature of the pad means you get twice the lifespan out of the eraser; simply flip it over and start fresh
  • Plus, a third, integrated microfiber surface is also included on this eraser
  • It removes residue and offers a deep clean to virtually renew your board
  • The 3-in-1 eraser has a unique Spot-Erase Friendly Form, too
  • This unique shape is designed to help you erase those hard to reach corners of the board, and is great for a quick spot erase
  • Ideal for magnetic chalkboards and whiteboard, this eraser is also magnetic
  • You can store it directly on the board surface so it is always close by when you need it
  • Durable molded handle of the eraser is comfortable in your hand
  • *Magnet will not adhere to Quartet Infinity™ Glass Marker Boards
  • Board Eraser Type: Chalkboard/Dry Erase; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 2"; Depth: 1 3/8".
printer SAN1771680
Jumbo Eraser, Felt, 9.5"w x 2"d x 1-1/2h, Black
  • Soft pile felt traps dust and marker residue
  • Curved foam handle is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Precision point makes erasing easy and accurate
  • Board Eraser Type: Dry Erase; Pad Material: Felt; Width: 9 1/2"; Depth: 2".
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