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printer BRTTZECL6
36mm (1.4") TZe Cleaning Tape for P-Touch, 100 Uses
  • Providing the proper maintenance to your equipment is one of the best ways to save money
  • Using this OEM cartridge to clean your labeling system's thermal transfer head regularly is the easiest way to maintain optimum printing performance
  • The cartridge employs a reliable, low-wear, dry cleaning method that will significantly enhance the lifespan of your device
  • For Drive Type: Electronic Labeling Systems; Cleaning Method: Dry; Number of Cleanings: 100.
printer HEWC7978A
LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge, 20 Uses
  • Rest assured knowing that this cleaner will keep your drive heads safe from debris
  • Protects your device from harmful particles that could cause damage
  • Cartridge provides reduction in errors, improved data security, extended drive life and optimized drive performance
  • For Drive Type: LTO; Number of Cleanings: 15 to 50 (drive dependent).
printer FUJ600003286
SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, 20 Uses
  • Advanced technology cleaning system for Super DLT tape drives
  • Easy and reliable maintenance for keeping heads and drives functioning efficiently
  • Provides 20 cleanings per cartridge
  • For Drive Type: SDLT; Compatibility: SDLT 220; SDLT 320; SDLT 600; Cleaning Method: Tape; Number of Cleanings: 20.
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